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Global Management 2008: Programme

The programme of the conference is the following.

October 13th
October 14
    Parallel Sessions Parallel Sessions
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
  Parallel Sessions Keynote Speaker
  Lunch Lunch
14:00 Registration at Welcome Desk Conference Excursion and Social Dinner Parallel Sessions
14:30 Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speakers
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Welcome
Parallel Sessions
  Parallel Sessions
17:00 Closing Ceremony


Final detailed programme for the Conference:

Welcome Desk/Secretariat will be permanently opened at the Francis Ford Coppola room.

Plenary Session - Keynote Speakers
(Monday, 13-10-2008, 14:30 - 16:00)

Chair: Professor Guillermo P�rez-Bustamante - University of Oviedo - Spain

Room: Luis Bu�uel  Language: English

Professor Nancy Scannell - University of Illinois - USA
The Fate of Poison Pills for the Next Generation of Corporate Takeovers in a Poisoned Financial System

Professor Ulrike Hugl - University of Innsbruck - Austria
Auditing Person's Privacy: Techno�Logical Developments and Estimations from an Individuals' Point of View


Session M 1.1 - Finance
(Monday, 13-10-2008, 17H00-18H30)

Chair: Professor Nancy Scannell - University of Illinois - USA

Room: Luis Bu�uel  Language: English

Sisira R.N. Colombage and Abdel K. Halabi
Asymmetry of Information and the Finance-Growth Nexus: Evidence from Emerging Markets

Elisabete F�lix, Mohamed Gulamhussen and Cesaltina Pires
The Determinants of Venture Capital in Europe: Evidence Across Countries

Markopoulou Maria and Papadopoulos Dimitrios
An Empirical Investigation on the Capital Structure Signalling Theory of Companies Listed in the Greek Stock Exchange

Ray Donnelly and Mark Mulcahy
Determinants of Voluntary Disclosure in Ireland

Ondřej Č�stek
Importance of Stakeholder Groups and Financial Performance of Companies


Session M 1.2 - Technology, Information Systems and CRM - Costumer Relationship Management
(Monday, 13-10-2008, 17H00-18H30)

Chair: Professor Pedro Cravo - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal

Room: Jean-Luc Godard  Language: Portuguese/Spanish

F�tima Bayma de Oliveira, Francisco Marcelo Barone and Deborah Moraes Zouain
Tecnologia Educacional e da Informa��o: Educa��o a Dist�ncia e Educa��o Corporativa no Brasil

Fernando Ferreira, Maria Bas�lio and Fernando Teixeira
Technological Labour Opportunities in Alentejo: A Preliminary Perspective

Domingos Jos� da Silva Ferreira
O Clickthrough e o Modelo de Comportamento do Comprador B2B em Hypermedia CME

Juan Lu�s Garc�a Rambla, Juan Garrido Caballero, Jos� Mar�a Alonso Cebri�n, Antonio Guzm�n Sacrist�n and Marta Beltr�n Pardo
Normativa Legal en Estado Espa�ol Aplicada a la Inform�tica en la Empresa: Ley Org�nica de Protecci�n de Datos de Car�cter Personal. An�lisis de Medidas T�cnicas

Domingos Jos� da Silva Ferreira
O Modelo de Comportamento do Comprador B2B na Internet em Portugal


Session T 1.1 - Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Economic Convergence
(Tuesday, 14-10-2008, 9H00-10H30)

Chair: Professor Kaloyan Kolev - University of Vaarna - Bulgaria

Room: Luis Bu�uel  Language: English

Sorin Burnete
Comparative Advantage Volatility in the Global Apparel Sector. Where Are Manufacturing Firms in the New EU Member-Countries Headed?

Francisco Marcelo Barone, F�tima Bayma de Oliveira and Deborah Moraes Zouain
The State Function as Inducer and Formulator of a Public Policy of Credit Acess as a Tool of Combat Against Poverty and Social Inclusion

Ertugrul Deliktas, A.�zlem �nder and Metin Karadag
The Growth of the Cities and its Determinants in Turkey

Cheng-Lung Li
Effectiveness of Business Relationship Development between American and Chinese Subsidiaries: A Cultural Perspective

Radwan Kharabsheh
Determinants of Success of Australian-Malaysian Joint Ventures: A Preliminary Analysis


Session T 1.2 - Financial Markets
(Tuesday, 14-10-2008, 9H00-10H30)

Chair: Elisabete F�lix - University of �vora - Portugal

Room: Jean-Luc Godard  Language: English

Jon L Bryan
The Consequences of an Overly Accomodative Monetary Policy for Recession Avoidance

Kulkanya Napompech
Dividend Policy Behavior in Thailand Capital Market

Kulkanya Napompech
The Information Content of Dividend Omissions and Initiations: The Case of Thailand

Marek Kobialka and Margarethe Rammerstorfer
Regularoty Risk and Market Reactions: Empirical Evidence From Germany


Session T 2.1 - Banking, Accounting and Financial Markets
(Tuesday, 14-10-2008, 11H00-12H30)

Chair: Professor Deborah Zouain - Getulio Vargas Fundation - Brazil

Room: Jean-Luc Godard  Language: Portuguese/Spanish

Jiř� Strouhal
Aplica��o das Normas Contabil�sticas Internacionais IAS 32, IFRS 7 e IAS 39 em Pr�tica das Entidades Empresariais da Rep�blica Checa

Jo�o Zambujal de Oliveira
Validade da Aplica��o do Princ�pio de Homogeneidade em Processos de Substitui��o de Activos Reais

Elisabete F�lix, Jos� Esperan�a, Mohamed Gulamhussen and Cesaltina Pires
Uma An�lise do Mercado de Capital de Risco Portugu�s: Sa�das Parciais versus Sa�das Totais

Fernando Teixeira
Market Timing e IPOs

Jos� A. Maia Pereira, Jos� M. Monteiro Barata and Fernando A. F. Ferreira
Banking Sector Reform Inductors


Session T 2.2 - Advances in Tourism Management
(Tuesday, 14-10-2008, 11H00-12H30)

Chair: Professor Pedro Cravo - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal

Room: Luis Bu�uel  Language: English

Nuno Carlos Leit�o
The Determinants of Tourism Demand: The Portuguese Case

Saowaree Taphontong and Kulkanya Napompech
The BSC of Tourism Management for Sustainable of Communities of Night Floating Market

Nittaya Sitheechoke, Nunthiya Krisanamara and Kulkanya Napompech
Surveying of Fish Culture Business in Lardkrabang Area District

Sevgin Akış Roney, Jerry D. Johnson and Paul Lachapelle
A Longitudinal Analysis of Rural Tourism Development in Silver Valley, Idaho, USA

Alberto Portioli Staudacher and Elisa Guardiani
Revenue Management in Tour Operators Sector

Konstantinos C. Zapounidis and Betty A. Partsalidou
Managing Quality in Enterprises of the Rural Tourism Sector




Session W 1.1 - Tourism Management and Related Issues
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 09H00-10H30)

Room: Jean-Luc Godard  Language: Portuguese/Spanish

Carlyle Tadeu Falc�o de Oliveira and Deborah Moraes Zouain
Descentraliza��o da Gest�o P�blica do Turismo Brasileiro: Uma Avalia��o de Processo em 65 Munic�pios Tur�sticos

C�lia Ramos, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues and Fernando Perna
Dynamic Packaging e os Sistemas de Informa��o Tur�sticos: Caracter�sticas, Potencialidades e Desafios

Pedro Cravo
Satisfa��o com a Experi�ncia Tur�stica: Uma Aplica��o do Modelo de Estima��o N�o-Linear


Session W 1.2 - Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 9H00-10H30)

Chair: Guillermo P�rez-Bustamante - University of Oviedo - Spain

Room: Stanley Kubrick  Language: English

Anne Marie Fray
Is There a Divide in the Sharing of Responsibilities Between Organisation and Actor?

Rixa Kroehl
Stories as Effective and Efficient Way to Communicate Change

Christos S. Nicolaidis
Strategic Management of Work Stress in Greek Hospitals: An Exploratory Study


Session W 1.3 - Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Management
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 09H00-10H30)

Chair: Professor Ulrike Hugl - University of Innsbruck - Austria

Room: Luis Bu�uel  Language: English

Bernhard Dachs and Bernd Ebersberger
Does Foreign Ownership Matter for the Innovative Activities of Enterprises?

Saowaree Taphontong and Kulkanya Napompech
Development and Knowledge Management of Cultural Community in the Night Floating Market

Alberto Francesconi, Gabriele Cioccarelli and Claudia Dossena
User-Generated Media and Web-based Technologies: Implications for Corporate Web Reputation


Plenary Session - Keynote Speaker
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 11:00 - 12:30)

Chair: Guillermo P�rez-Bustamante - University of Oviedo - Spain

Room: Stanley Kubrick  Language: English

Professor Kaloyan Kolev - University of Vaarna - Bulgaria
Global Economic Imbalances




Session W 2.1 - SMEs and Family Businesses
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 14H30-16H00)

Room: Luis Bu�uel  Language: English

Ayal Kimhi
Pension Wealth and Intergenerational Transfers in Family Businesses

Gyula F�l�p, Ildiko G�ll Pelcz and Noemi Fiser
The Hungarian Strategy/Model of SME-Sector Development

Maria Rosaria Marcone
The Competitive Repositioning of SMEs within the Process of International Competition

Z. Acosta and J. Febles
Application of the Rasch Model to the Analysis of the Innovation in Small and Medium Canary Enterprises


Session W 2.2 - Human Resources Management
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 14H30-16H00)

Chair: Professor Ulrike Ughl - University of Innsbruck - Austria

Room: Stanley Kubrick  Language: English

Felipa Lopes dos Reis and Ant�nio Eduardo Martins
The Nippon Human Resources Management in Portugal

Jean M. Trudel
International Human Resources Management: A New Challenge for the Small to Medium Size Organizations

Matev� Ra�ković, Maja Makovec Brenčič and �pela Kr�i�nik
Comparing Leadership Practices from Slovenia and Portugal

Guillermo P�rez-Bustamante and Marta M�ndez Fuente
Continuing Training Practices by Industrial Firms of Asturias


Session W 2.3 - Marketing and Negotiation Techniques
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 14H30-16H00)

Chair: Professor Pedro Cravo - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal

Room: Jean-Luc Godard  Language: Portuguese/Spanish

Deborah Zouain and Ronaldo Chataignier
O Consumidor de Esportes no Brasil � Estudo de Caso do Voleibol

Deborah Zouain and Ronaldo Chataignier
Marketing Esportivo - O Esporte como Neg�cio

Fabiana Camera and Yann Duzert
An�lise das Heur�sticas e Vieses Cognitivos na Etapa de Prepara��o do Processo de Negocia��o: Uma Fonte de Poder para o Negociador

Lu�sa Lopes e Carlos Melo Brito
Din�micas da Rela��o com o Cliente � O Conceito do Ciclo de Vida de uma Rela��o

Yann Duzert and Ana Tereza Spinola
Negocia��o em Situa��o de Crise e a Matriz de Negocia��es Complexas


Session W 3.1 - Marketing, Strategy and Value Creation
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 16H30-18H00)

Chair: Guillermo P�rez-Bustamante - University of Oviedo - Spain

Room: Luis Bu�uel  Language: English

V. A. Dimitrova
An AHP Based Approach to ERP System Selection

Michela Pellicelli
Managing Strategic Outsourcing: the Risks and the Resistance of Management

Radoslav �kapa and Eva Kub�tov�
Quality of Buyer-Seller Relationships in Perspective of Value Creation

Jose Torrano
Effectiveness of Product Placement in Mass Media Programming

Teresa Taveira de Barros and Francisco Vitorino Martins
Corporate Brand Identity: A Conceptual Redefinition


Session W 3.2 - Knowledge Management and Globalization
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 16H30-18H00)

Chair: Professor Fernando Teixeira - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal

Room: Stanley Kubrick  Language: English

Ant�nio Eduardo Martins, Albino Lopes and Felipa Lopes dos Reis
The Notion of Capital in the Context of Globalization

Ant�nio Eduardo Martins, Albino Lopes and Felipa Lopes dos Reis
Proposed Definition of the Concept of Intellectual Capital

F. Maazouz
The Global Knowledge Management Challange Building New Global Manager and Global Attitude Change and Other Competencies

Felipa Lopes dos Reis and Ant�nio Eduardo Martins
Relation Between the Niponic Innovation Management System and Productivity in Companies in Iberian Peninsula

V. Potocan and Z. Nedelko
What Organizational Culture We Need For New Business School Strategies


Session W 3.3 - Accounting, Taxation and Economic Policies
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 16H30-18H00)

Chair: Professor Pedro Cravo - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal

Room: Jean-Luc Godard  Language: English

D. Nerudov�
Group Taxation in the EU and Under CCCTB System

Hana Bohusov�
IFRS and US GAAP Convergence in Area of Business Combinations

Rute Abreu, F�tima David and David Crowther
Deception in Creative Accounting: a Failure of Agency Theory

Tom� Buus and Jaroslav Brada
Economics of Transfer Pricing Reviewed


Closing Ceremony
(Wednesday, 15-10-2008, 18:30)

Room: Stanley Kubrick  Language: English

Professor Guillermo P�rez-Bustamante - University of Oviedo - Spain
Closing Speach

Professor Fernando Ferreira - Polytechnic Institute of Beja - Portugal
Conference's Statistics


Please, follow the next guidelines for presenters:


  • Presenters should get the updated Programme that is distributed with the conference bags, search for their presentation slot and be in the presentation room 5 minutes before the session starts. The presentations are performed by the order the papers appear in the Programme except if anyone requests for changes and the session chair agrees to them. Conference presenters must follow session chairs indications and comply with the presentation times that they are allowed to.

  • Each presenter will have 15 to 20 minutes for presentation and 5 to 10 minutes for discussion. IASK staff will provide you with a laptop and projector for your presentation. Each room has one laptop that can be used for your presentation. There is also a computer projector for Power Point presentations. There's no overhead projector. All authors are required to bring their presentations in electronic format (i.e., Power Point).

  • As a precaution, presentations can be previously emailed to [email protected].

  • Please contact IASK Secretariat on arrival if you have any specific requirements.


Presentation Certificates will be delivered to delegates after papers' presentations.

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